Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

The story of Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

In the Kamome school there are seven mysteries and the most famous of them is the seventh mystery, that of Hanako the spirit of the toilet on the third floor. It is said that she can grant the wishes of anyone who asks her, that's also why the young Nene Yashiro, a second-year student, goes there. On the spot Nene realizes that the famous Hanako is in fact a boy and after introducing herself to him, asks him to get her to be loved back by the boy she loves.

Hanako accepts and after some adventures, Nene notices that among Hanako 's objects in a small bag there are strange scales, and Hanako explains to her that they are mermaid scales and that she can bind two people together if they ingest them. Without thinking Nene swallows one and looks for the boy she likes in the school to make him swallow the second scales but after finding him she realizes when she hears him pushed away another student that he is already in love with another girl. All annoyed Nene is resigned to make him swallow the second scales and suddenly it changes into a fish, it is then that Hanako finds her and dives into an aquarium then explains to him that from now on she is cursed and because she ate the scales of the mermaid and that she should have waited for the end of the explanations before rushing. mermaid who owned the two scales and since Nene ate one of them it belongs to her but Hanako prevents her from taking Nene and offers him a deal after scaring the mermaid away, he will eat the second scales for this bound to her, make her human form and save her from the mermaid and in exchange she will help her by cleaning the toilets on the third floor and assisting her in her obligations, Nene immediately accepts and Hanako eats the star. quails , it is then that Nene resumes human form then Hanako explains to her that from now on both are united by this pact.

From now on Nene will have to help Hanako to guard the school of the six other mysteries and the little monsters and other evil spirits who would have slipped in to make a mess while learning to know each time a little more who Hanako is the spirit that haunts the third-floor restrooms.

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun characters

Nene Yashiro: she is the main character of the manga, the one through whom we discover the mysteries of the school and the help of Hanako . She is at the garden club and was cursed by a mermaid after eating one of her scales. She is very complex because of her big legs.

Hanako: it's the famous ghost that haunts the toilets on the third floor, except that it's not a little girl but a boy and he takes care of making sure that the mysteries and other spirits of the school do not degenerate not or be dangerous to the students.

Kou Minamoto : son of a great lineage of ghost and demon hunters Kou is determined to exorcise Hanako but is stopped by Nene and it's love at first sight. He ends up befriending Hanako and Nene and forms a trio in charge of helping spirits and students in danger within the Kamone school .

The Creation of Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun was written and drawn by mangaka Aidairo in 2014 in square enix 's Montly GFantasy magazine and was adapted into an anime series in 2020 by Lerche studio.

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