Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer, the story summary

The story of Demon Slayer tells us about the life in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century of the young coal seller Tanjiro Kamado who, on a cold snowy day on his way home, finds his whole family massacred by a demon and leaving for nothing. only survivor his little sister Nezuko Kamado . Faced with the horror of the scene he attends Tanjiro , not knowing what to do, takes his little sister Nezuko away from this carnage and realizes that she has been changed into a demon but does not want to kill her despite what she has become. It is in the forest when Tanjiro finally comes to the evidence of Nezuko 's condition that he meets Tomioka Giyu , a Demon Slayer and Pillar of Water . He tries to kill Nezuko given that she has become a demon but is reassured by seeing that Tanjiro not only is ready to protect her with his life but is also smarter and has a predisposition to fight. Giyu decides to take them to one of his friend and former Pillar Urokodaki Sakonji , who will train Tanjiro in the basics to be a Slayer in turn. Nezuko having kept her human conscience therefore having never tasted human blood plunged into a deep sleep of several years during which Tanjiro perfected and completed his training with his master Urokodaki . It was while passing the Final Selection that Tanjiro meets the young and fearful Zenitsu Agatsuma whom he will meet again shortly after becoming a full-fledged Slayer . Having become a Slayer , Tanjiro travels the country where the mission orders give him. To never leave his sister Nezuko in danger ( the demons fearing the sun because it is deadly for them) transports her in a coal box which he carries on his back and gives her a piece of bamboo to bite so as not to take the risk of her even attacking people if she was never to lose control. On the way to a new mission Tanjiro crosses paths with Zenitsu then during a child rescue mission raised by demons the road of Inosuke Hashibira , self-proclaimed Slayer with a boar mask in his eyes blue and with a wild character. It is at the end of this mission that the quartet is formed and that Tanjiro , Nezuko , Zenitsu and Inosuke by a hunt for demons as a team and that the story of Demon Slayer and really launched.

Demon Slayer characters

Tanjiro Kamado : He is the main character of Demon Slayer and is desperate to save his little sister Nezuko from the demon state she has been changed into and become a Demon Slayer to find the one responsible for the state. of Nezuko and the slaughter of the rest of his family.

Nezuko Kamado : Tanjiro 's little sister, she was helping her mother and taking care of her little brothers and sisters with her big brother Tanjiro and is the only one to have been spared during the massacre of her family and to have been changed into a demon. Tanjiro and she show a real team spirit during fights and always help her the best she can thanks to the new abilities she has due to her condition. She will risk her life without the slightest hesitation if she is to save that of his big brother Tanjiro .

Zenitsu Agatsuma : He is like Tanjiro a Demon Slayer but is very fearful and loses consciousness during fights to give way to a second personality as lively and quick as a clarion. He has a crush on Nezuko and forms a fighting quartet with Inosuke against demons.

Inosuke Hashibira : He is the last member to have joined Tanjiro and Nezuko 's team alongside Zenitsu . often in delicate positions during fights and wears a boar mask with blue eyes . is put on the hunt for demons because he loves challenges, and despite his primary and wild character he hides under his boar mask a very beautiful face which makes Zenitsu bicker but he remains a faithful companion nonetheless to help and to fight when the need arises.

Giyu Tomioka : he is the Pillar of Water in the Slayers , a very high position bringing together the best fighters. He spots Tanjiro 's abilities during a confrontation with him at the start of the story and entrusts him to the good care of his friend and former Pillar Sakonji Urokodaki . He is introverted and very calm and always helps Tanjiro and his friends when he can't.

Demon Slayer creation of the Manga

Demon slayer in original version Kimetsu no Yaiba was created by the mangaka Koyoharu Gotoge and was released in prepublication in April 2016 and has 23 volumes. It was first published in France by Panini manga under the name " les rodeurs de la nuit " in 2017, but was stopped for lack of success then was republished by Panini Manga again in 2019 under the name this time of Demon Slayer and was very successful.

Demon Slayer the Anime

The Demon Slayer manga was adapted into Anime by the ufotable studio in 2019 and was also a huge success. It is followed by a film released in cinemas in 2020 " The Infinity Train " which broke records. entered Japan and which follows directly on the history of the anime. A second season should soon or even the day of 2021.

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