Tanya The Evil

Tanya The Evil, the story summary

In an alternative Europe, battalions of wizards are the ultimate weapon in war, they are able to assimilate a form of energy that only they can master and use for combat.

It is in this world in the body of a little girl, Tanya Degurechaff that a Japanese salaryman is reincarnated after being pushed under a train. join the army, the army being the only voice of greeting for her, hoping to be placed behind the front lines. Only here, she is so effective on the front that she quickly takes rank and is more and more affected on the enemy lines, which does not fail to irritate. .

The characters of Tanya The Evil

Tanya from Gurechaff:

Tanya is a salaryman reincarnated as a little girl, she becomes from the age of 9 years old a wizard of the empire sent to battle on the front lines in an alternative Europe in the 1910s. Knowing the history of European wars in the 20th century, Tanya amazes everyone with her reasoning and her abilities, given that for everyone she is a little girl.

Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov (Visha):

We don't know much about her, she is in the army alongside Tanya and is her lieutenant, the one she spends the most time with (while exasperating her from time to time). we can guess on her past and that she comes from an eastern country which was destroyed by the communists during one of their many genocides, which pushed her and her family to flee the country to find refuge in the empire and enlist in the army to go and fight them.

This character is touching on many occasions, she has always succeeded in giving a smile to the troops when morale is in free fall and is an elite wizard who does not back down from her fears. She will follow Tanya to the end in combat and will lead his men as he should.

Erich von Rerugen:

He is a lieutenant colonel and is the first to spot the genius of Tanya . During the training of Tanya, he thinks her to be a demon and ends up getting along with her, the times when both of them were able to exchange on what he thought of the future of the empire and the strategy taken by the staff, he made him understand the immense capacity that Tanya could demonstrate, he himself being very gifted in his areas of military strategy skills.

Kurt von Rudersdorf:

He is a brigadier general and a strategic commander in the Imperial General Staff Office, he is also an "old fashioned" soldier. an army. It was when he met Tanya that he began to think about war differently and he, like many others, were amazed at the young girls' abilities in the art of war during their meetings.

Hans von Zettour:

Hans is a brigadier general and a strategic commander in the Imperial General Staff Office. Showing great discernment and foresight, he immediately takes seriously what Tanya tries to explain to them when it comes to t strategy, he has a lot of consideration for her and considers her a precocious genius to whom he does not hesitate to ask advice, himself also being a fine strategist who never leaves anything to chance.

The creation of "Tanya The Evil"

Yojo senki in its original version (the military stories of a little girl) is a light novel written by Carlo Zen and illustrated by Shinobu Shinotsuki in the magazine Enterbrain belonging toKadokawa in 2013. A manga adaptation was made in 2016 by Chika Tōjō in the Monthly Comp Ace magazine belonging to the K adokawa Shoten company, and in an animated series by the NUT studio in 2017 as well as a film in 2019 by the same studio (the film directly following season 1).

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