Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World, the story summary

Subaru Natsuki is a young high school student who is a bit lost in life. Schoolyards are not their strong point and neither is socialization. But this has not always been the case, as a child and until he entered college, he was very sociable, happy and made friends with everyone. He was good at sports and liked to let off steam. But after having started his adolescence, he gradually began to ask questions about himself and his relationship to others, as it came to a time of questioning, we did this to withdraw into himself and to the Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and decided to stop going to court.

Today he spends most of his time in his room watching TV, playing video games or reading manga. His parents being open and understanding people did not try to ask him why or to know the reason for his refusal to return to court, preferring to wait for him to decide on his own to return.

This early evening was normal and even banal for him, he was watching TV, and having a craving decided to go to the local konbini to buy food and drink. After paying the cashier and suddenly leaving the combine without warning, Subaru finds himself in the middle goal of a European-style city center, with all around him a whole bunch of creatures from the imagination and European folklore. like elfs, orcs, trolls, werewolves... Subaru doesn't understand what just happened, twenty seconds before he was in a night konbini and now he finds himself in broad daylight in a city medieval house filled with fantastic creature, the only proof that all this happened is that he holds with him the plastic bag filled with food that he had just bought.

Subaru surprisingly calms down fairly quickly and says that this place is like an MMORPG but in real life, or at least more realistic. He therefore decides to go explore the city but barely has he walked for five minutes when he finds himself stuck in an alley by a gang of robbers threatening to kill him if he does not give them his money. . Not knowing what to do Subaru thought he was lost but at the end of the alley a figure ordered the gang to stop threatening him and ordered them to leave, but obviously the gang refused to obey him, so the figure came forward kinda, she was a very white haired and skinned girl with purple eyes, a half-elf. Without difficulty she destroyed the gang with the help of a flying and talking kitten-like spirit and after making sure that Subaru was okay was about to leave when suddenly Subaru passed out.

By waking up Subaru was on the knees of the kitten who could change size, the half-elf presented it to Subaru who did the same and both began to sympathize. The girl was called Emilia and was an aspirant to the throne of the kingdom, she was in pursuit of the thief who had stolen the badge proving her legitimacy to the succession to the throne of this kingdom. In an impulse Subaru to thank her and because he had fallen in love then decided to help Emilia in her search and decided to stay by her side in the future to help her as soon as she needed it, but he did not doubt the sometimes very hard tests he was going to have to face from now on.

Characters from Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Subaru Natsuki:

Young neet, he lived locked in his room and was transported to a fantasy world.


She meets Subaru at the capital and is a half-Elf.


She is a blue-haired ogress servant who falls in love with Subaru .


She's Rem's twin sister, she has pink hair and is ready to help her sister Rem.


Spirit watching over the library of the mansion in which Subaru is welcomed, she does not like him very much but is very strong despite his childish appearance.


A flying, talking kitten-like spirit, he watches over Emilia as if she were his own daughter.


Iconic and noble character in the service of Emilia, he is a powerful wizard and the master of the mansion in which Subaru is invited.


Noble knight who helps Subaru in many revivals.

Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World creation of Manga and Anime

The manga Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World is a light novel was written by Tappei Nagatsuki in 2012. In 2016 anime-series adaptation is produced by the animation studio White Fox .

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