Spy × Family

Spy × Family, the story summary

In an imaginary country, strong tensions are increasingly felt, and to avoid an escalation in violence that would lead to a war, the government uses rather discreet means, spies.

These men in the shadows have the task of avoiding at all costs that a war be triggered between countries, because if the world aspires to peace, some of them are only looking for that because at all times in all places and has all times, some people have been able to take advantage of wars, no matter the disasters they could cause. It is in this particular context that the young spy and prodigy of his time Loid Forger , code name, Twilight is recruited for save the peace of his country. He better than anyone can understand the importance of preserving it, coming himself from a theater of war where this one was particularly violent, his only objective, succeeded at all costs in his missions, so that other than him is no longer to suffer.

Today is a day like any other for him, he must receive his mission order, and this preparation for a new duty puts himself in danger and uses means as diverse as varying for his success. Twilight specializes in infiltration, no matter who the person is, it's easy for him to take his traits and pretend to be her, but for this new mission assigned to him, things are a little different, indeed. He is asked to do everything to thwart the plans to start a war that a rich magnia is planning, for that he is asked to get closer to him by means of a false friendship between his child and that of this wealthy warmonger. Ci for Twilight the missions have so far seemed to be doable, things are a little more complicated for him, being a spy he never really had time to find a wife and start a family, he has neither child or wife and must therefore manage quickly to find a child who will play the role of bridge between him and the child of this man with a scabrous project.

It was in a rush that Twilight went to an orphanage and chose an orphan by the name of Ania to play the role of that girl. This child is not ordinary, some time ago she had a undergo a battery of very hard experience to increase your capacity, war orphans having no parents, no one is there to protect them. Anya subsequently developed telepathic gifts, she is able to hear people's thoughts. Something that Twilight ignores and that will surprise her more than once.

Now the parent of a little girl, Twilight only has to register her in the same school as the son of the person he is trying to reach in order to be able to declare his mission as accomplished, during this one he will to realize that being a spy to safeguard the peace has nothing to envy to the difficulty of the role of parent.

Spy × Family Characters

Loid Forger, Twilight:

young spy prodigy of his generation he experienced war and the heartbreak of losing his family he is determined to do everything so that others do not meet the same fate, even take on the responsibility of being a parent. mission, the one that will lead him to adopt little Anya, he will discover that if he thought that being a spy for his nation, being a parent at the height also has its risks and its moments of happiness.

Anya Forger:

A little girl who lived in the orphanage, she meets Twilight when he comes to find a child who will play the role of her daughter to succeed in her new mission. Anya with telepathic skills is ready to do anything to help her loving new daddy but for a child adult thoughts can sometimes be misunderstood.

Yor Forger:

Discreet and reserved young woman, she is an office secretary by day and an assassin by night, one of the best of her time. this meeting each one taking advantage of the other and that the image of husband and wife sends back to those around them for reasons of concealment. Being a mission or a front for these two is going to look more and more like a good life as a family and a new parent with Anya.

Spy × Family Anime

The Spy × Family manga was drawn by mangaka Tatsuya Endo and released in 2019. Following this and its success, an anime was produced by CloverWorks and Wit studios

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