Fire Force

Fire Force, the story summary

In a universe where spontaneous combustions are raging and destroying lives, the special intervention brigade of the Fire Force are created, their duty granted the blessing of the sun god to all the souls taken from combustion, the Human Torches, to allow them to rest in peace and have their families grieve.

It is in this world that Shinra Kusakabe , a young student who decided to join the Fire Force brigade, arrives in the church of the 8th Brigade to be a very new member. He is part of the new generation of human torch, the third, able to create fire from nothing and control it, before him, the second generation can control the fire from an already existing fireplace and even before the first generation, are those who become human torches in spite of themselves and destroy everything in their path.

Fire Force characters

Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra joins the Fire Force Brigades to fulfill his dream of becoming a hero. Twelve years ago, his bitters and his little brother perish in a fire that everyone accuses him of, they are determined to unmask the culprit and find the end of the story.

Arthur Boyle

Arthur also joins the 8th Fire Force Brigade and knows Shinra well since both of them studied at the same school, the Tokyo Fire Force Training Academy. They are more or less rivals with Shinra and the two maintain a tumultuous friendly relationship which varies between sincere friendship and deep rivalry. He is blond has great self-confidence and this greenhouse of a plasma blade to fight the human torches, he is also of the third generation and has self-proclaimed king of the knights this comparing to the Arthurian myth of the round table and escalibur.

Oze Maki

Maki is of military training and joined the special brigades of the Fire force of the 8th brige, she is the holder of second generation powers and is able to assprirer the fires nearby which makes her the shield which serves to attract attention to her during interventions to allow other members of the brigade to fight and wait for the human torch and give her rest. She is very athletic and serves this fight, she is nicknamed the witch by Shinra and Arthur, which often pisses her off and even if she doesn't seem like it, she's very flowery.

Fire Force the author

Fire Force manga was written and drawn by Atsushi Ōkubo in 2015 and pre-published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. It was then in 2019 that the David Production studio adapted it into an animated series.

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