My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia, the story summary

In a 2.0 world where the world in which we live exists identically, the world population is somewhat "different" from our world population. Indeed that of this world 2.0 a large part of the population is born with a capacity which for us would seem out of the ordinary while for them it is the most banal, these capacities with which they are born are called "quirks".

Quirks are in fact what we would most relate to a mango power like being able to fly, or moving from point A to point B the two separated over several kilometers in barely a fraction of a second , lifting heavy loads... People born with these alters use them in their daily lives and the world is used to living with them, so much so that this mundane fresco which for us would seem completely extraordinary is only for them an ordinary daily life where nothing new happens.

In this world, unfortunately for him Midoriya Izuku was born to him without Quirks, which makes him a rarity, because in this world the ratio of people born with a Quirk is 80/20, not everyone is born with it, even if it may be better to have some, 20% of the population has no quirks at birth and this is the case for Midoriya . Too bad for him because Midoriya only dreams of one thing, he attends Oridera College and would like to be able to enter the prestigious Yuei High School, the hero academy, but without being able he can't even hope to attend.

From a very young age, Midoriya has been an absolute fan of his hero, the powerful All Might , whenever he has the opportunity he seeks information about him, never misses him when he is under the spotlight and dreams of one day being able to look like him.

It is by a coincidence that Midoriya finds himself in danger and is suddenly saved by none other than All Might , the person he adores. Not knowing how to thank him, he expresses all the admiration he has for him and explains to him the tragedy of his childhood dream. At these words, All Might in a smoke transforms into an unrecognizable character and goes from a big, burly man to a small, skeletal man under the questioning and lost gaze of Midoriya . All Might knows his own difficulty and proposes to Midoriya , after being touched by his speech, to inherit his power, to which Midoriya does not hesitate much before accepting. During the next day, he will serve as a trainer in addition to giving him his power and he will then be able to take the entrance exam for Yuei High School. But even if he succeeded in entering it, the trials for Midoriya have only just begun.

My Hero Academia characters

Izuku Midoriya:

Main character of this story, it is through him that we discover this world. He also dreams of being provided with a Quirk but did not have one at birth, which changes when his hero, All Might saves him and offers to give him his.

Midoriya is a young teenager of average height who is smiling and a little oblivious to what will change during the course of the story and his new encounters.

All Might:

Midoriya 's hero, fighting to defend the weak, he actually works in the Yuei Academy and sees a lot of potential in Midoriya . Thanks to him, Midoriya can hope to become who he always wanted to be. He looks like a tall, beefy blonde who is always smiling.

Ochaco Uraraka:

Ochaco is the first person Midoriya meets in U.A. High School, the two of them form a real friendship that will evolve over time. Ochaco has the appearance of a petite girl with a bowl haircut.

Katsuki Bakugo:

He is the provisional antagonist of Midoriya , both of them have known each other since the most tender childhood and once in college, being endowed with a power, he did not stop leading life hard in Midoriya but after having acquired the power of All Might , Midoriya is able to face Katsuki , whom he calls Katchan . The two eventually become rivals and bury the hatchet for a time.

My Hero Academia creation of Manga and Anime

My Hero Academia manga was adapted created by Kōhei Horikoshi in 2014 and published by Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2014. It then had an anime series adaptation in 2016 by studio Bones .

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