Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken is a literature student, he did not know his father and his mother very little, who died when he was still very young. He develops a taste for reading with the many library books that his father left him. He quickly becomes introverted and takes refuge in his books almost all the time and it is when he enters college that he meets the person he will support him against all odds Hideyoshi Nagachika or Hide. He is a very intuitive person who understands things very quickly and in college he feels that he and Ken have a lot to share and starts talking to him, it is the start of a friendship that will really help Ken get out of his torpor. It was a few years after losing his mother and mourning her that Kaneki Ken decided to find a girlfriend and ended up getting an appointment with a girl who, like him, likes to read and goes to a café, the Old .

Shortly before his date Kaneki explains to Hide his plan to seduce her and the two of them leave some time before the hour of the meeting with the young girl. When the long-awaited hour comes Ken recognizes the young girl and both begin to sympathize, her name is Lize and pleases Kaneki . Unfortunately for him Lize is actually a Ghoul , a creature that feeds on human flesh and during this saying goodbye, Lize reveals her true nature and begins to devour Ken who is in shock, it is then that construction beam falls on Lize , killing her instantly and seriously injuring Ken

At the hospital, Kaneki wakes up and realizes that Lize 's organs have been transplanted into his to save him. On returning home he realizes that human food is no longer edible and he begins to smell the smell of human flesh as one would smell an appetizing dish from a starred chef. Facing his new condition, Kaneki is collected by Toka a member of l'Antique , the café where he had made an appointment lize which is actually a landmark a ghoul peaceful. There he learns everything he needs to know to survive now and has a mask made to hide his identity by Uta, a ghoul making masks for his fellow creatures.

Now in possession of an ally mask and fully aware of his situation, Kaneki Ken puts on his mask to become the one-eyed Ghoul , his story of ups and downs will begin for you now to discover the sequel!

Tokyo Ghoul characters

Kaneki Ken:

Main character of the story he is changed into a ghoul after Lize , a ghoul attacked him and both are caught in an accident that will cost Lize his life. To save him, parts of Lize were directly grafted to him thus transforming him into one of these creatures.


Always smiling and extremely skillful, never leaving the slightest doubt about his best friend Kaneki , he is ready to help him no matter what. He is also a charmer and likes to talk to just about everyone.


Young ghoul , she is employed at the Antique cafe where she is a waitress and is next to her high school student, it is she who learns the basics of what it is to be a ghoul in Kaneki .

Tokyo Ghoul the author

Tokyo Ghoul is a manga written and drawn by Sui Ishida in 2011 and published byWeekly Young Jump magazine between 2011 and 2014, the 2nd part is published between 2014 and 2018 Tokyo Ghoul:re . In 2014 it was adapted into an animated series in 4 seasons, 2 of Tokyo Ghoul 1st part and 2 of Tokyo Ghoul: Re 2nd part, by the Pierrot studio.

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