Quel est le model de la guitare de Yui Hirasawa ?

What is the model of Yui Hirasawa's guitar?

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Yui's guitar

Sometimes a vocation or a passion can be born by watching a manga or an animated series and some of us started making music after discovering K-ON! and this sound realized that music is great and would like to get into it too to do like Yui Hirasawa and composed lots of great songs and the best thing is still to have the same guitar as his favorite character, history of this motivated even more, only here when you don't know the instruments and you start it can sometimes be complicated to find the model of your choice especially since sometimes a model can have a multitude of derivatives without talking about the prices which can sometimes exceed the 10,000 euros depending on the model.

Yui chooses his guitar

In the anime series K-ON! yui plays on a Gibson brand guitar and took a model called " Les Paul " but this pronouncement made the connection between the "s" of "les" and "p" of Paul, phonetically we would write it like that " lespaul" attached. Les paul guitars are very famous because they come from a mythical brand, Gibson , which many know, and because they are used by many very famous guitarists, zack Wild , James Hetfield ,... These guitar shapes are moreover produced by other very big brands like ESP, Epiphone.. .

The les paul on which Yui plays is a Gisbson "Cherry Sunburn" and was widely used from the 50s to the 70s when many people adopted this model and these colors on their guitars . This Gibson model is very versatile and will suit the blues player as well as metal players. You can find them in price ranges ranging from 1800/2000 euros (often not in very good condition) to 4000/8000 depending on the condition and year of manufacture (guitars from the 60s /70 being of course often more expensive than the guitar of the 2000s)

You will find here the Wikipedia links summarizing the history of Gibson

guitar shop

If however you were looking to have Yui 's guitar just to decorate as the ultimate K-ON collectible! you always have the choice to buy the guitars released for the promotion of the animated series with the effigy of the instruments of Yui Azusa and mio and which are of course less expensive but which are perfect for collecting.

yui guitar collection

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