La musique dans Your Lie in April

The music in Your Lie in April

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Themes in Your Lie in April

The music in the animated series Your Lie in April is one of the central themes, it occupies a very important place and is more than a simple accompaniment, it is a language, a means of communication in its own right between the different protagonists of the story, especially Kousei and Kaori.

Ending Duo Kaori Kousei

A lot of composition work was brought to this anime series, thanks to the work of composer Masaru Yokoyama and by groups like Goose House or 7.... for the Openings and Endings . There was also the addition of famous pieces like " Clair de Lune " by Debussy , " Rondo Capriccioso " by Saint-Saens or " Pavane Pour une Infante Défunte " by Ravel .

The music in Your Lie in April was really a vector of strong emotion which was able to bring out the intense moments of the story and perfectly magnified them without overdoing it, we will remember the intense moments like Kaori 's solo during her audition at the contest or the ending duet between her and Kousei .

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