the quintessential quintuplets qui est la fille sur la photo

the quintessential quintuplets who is the girl in the picture

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In the manga and the anime series we follow the story of the main character Futaro Uesugi who recalls his memories of high school during which he met the woman with whom he was husband at the very beginning. And during these memories we can see that he meet her after becoming her private teacher to her and to her sisters, only here, if we ask who is this woman he is marrying and which of the Nakano sisters it can be and well given that these sisters are quintuplets and that we don't have any more clues about the identity of the bride from the beginning of the story, all we can do is investigate and gather the clues showing which Futaro is going to be closest to among them and c t is when he tries to retrieve his diary from Nino 's room that we have a new clue.

the quintessential quintuplets

If Futaro wanted to get his diary back, it's because of the presence in it of a photo of him when he was in college in his rebellious phase with bleached hair and an ear piercing, with a girl, and that's the clue because of course, through a photo album of their childhood that the quintuplets are looking at at the same time with nostalgia in another room, we realize that the girl in Futaro 's photo is actually one of them, only at the time they dressed and had their hair the same way so even knowing that we don't know when it happened. is.


The suspense does not last very long but the story during this short period of time plays on "misunderstandings" and gives us false clues. It is shortly after that we learn that the young girl in the photo is actually Yotsuba Nakano and therefore Yotsuba is the first to have met Futaro , but is she the bride from the start?

Yotsuba Kawaii

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