Sakura matou Fate Stay night

Sakura matou Fate Stay night

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Sakura Matou , an innocent and discreet young girl at first glance, is one of the main characters of the Fate series. During the many versions, sequels or remakes, Sakura was sometimes able to hold certain key roles if not the main role. (the movie trilogy Fate Stay Night: Heaven's feel ). Who is Sakura and what is her role in this universe, this is what we are going to present to you now.


Sakura is Rin Tohsaka 's younger sister and was adopted by the Matou family when she was still a child.

child sakura

The Matou family, like the Tohsaka are a family of wizards using insect magic (the tohsaka use stone magic).

cat family

A long time ago, in order to be able to invoke the grail and obtain from him the realization of one of his wishes, the Matou , Tohsaka and Einzbern families met and joined forces, it was following this event that The first holy grail war took place, aimed at choosing who would have the privilege of formulating their wish, where servant and master teamed up in a fight to the death.

Sakura arriving at the Matou manor, had to learn insect magic, under the threat of her adoptive grandfather and head of the Zouken Matou family.

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This apprenticeship consisted of being locked in a room with insects without anything with care. When it ended Sakura came out definitely traumatized and withdrew into herself. Rin , even if separated, always considered Sakura as his sister and with the participation of Emiya always watched over her.

rin, sakoura and emiya

Sakura despite the difficult ordeals she has had to go through and will have to go through remains a very well cared character towards those she loves and even when she is engaged in a fight always thinks of finding a solution of appeasement even if it can be returned against her. She is also in love with Emiya and according to the different temporalities of the story ended by her side.

If you want to know more about Sakura Matou , don't hesitate to watch the different stories of Fate Stay Night and make your own opinion on this character, you can also find more information here . sakura matou

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