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Rin Tohsaka

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The Fate/stay night license has over time grown to reach the status of a cult series that many anime series and manga fans know (even in person) and is so successful that the sequels to this story follow one another. continuously for more than 15 years now, taking up, changing, or completely transforming the characters and their relationships in the trams over the various rewrites, this universe is as vast as it is possible to assign and juggle between role and the statues of the characters as it can be. For this to work as well, having good stories is essential, but you also need to have characters that are colorful and charismatic enough to be able to give fans the desire to have them more, it is the case of the character that we are going to present to you, Rin Thosaka .

Rin Tohsaka

In the Fate/stay night story, Rin is a tall, slender, dark-haired girl with blue eyes and very fair skin. She is the heiress of one of the three great families of wizards taking part in the war of the holy grail which takes place every ten years.

Rin, Ilya and Sakoura

Like her father before her, Rin actively participates in this war which sees seven fighters confront each other, the Masters helping with their invocations, the Servants , a heroic spirit resuscitated by the holy grail during this war.

Rin in the heart of this war summons the servant Archer , an overpowered warrior with the perfect aim and whose ultimate attack, " the noble phantasm " is called " Unlimited Bladeworks " (unlimited forge)

unlimited bladeworks

Throughout the storylines of the Fate universe, Rin has often been close to the main character of the story, Emiya shirou , and with whom she sometimes shares more than a bond of friendship.

Rin and Emiya

Rin is the representative of one of the three great families of wizards to have pooled their forces to be able to invoke the power of the grail. Among the others are the Matou , mastering insect magic and the Einzbern , using magic techniques. with homunculi or puppets.

Matou, Einzbern and Thosaka

In the different universes in which Fate takes place, Rin can sometimes surprise with her colorful personality, as is the case in the universe of Fate / Kaleid Linner Prisma Illya where we are far from the withdrawn and serious young girl. of the origin story but this is not the only example, now it's up to you to discover this character (if you haven't already) and form your opinion.

Rin Thosaka

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