Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto Uzumaki , young orphan, living in the hidden village of Konohagakure has a dream of becoming the ninja leader of his village, a Okage .Naruto served as host to the nine-tailed fox demon Kyuubi , making him an outcast from early childhood, but that didn't stop him from nurturing his dream. his whole school of aspiring ninja, the genins . With his best enemy and rival Sasuke Uchiwa he has had a rivalry since he was his child. He is in love with Sakura who she loves Sasuke and that angers him quite often.


When he finally succeeds in passing his exam to be an aspiring ninja and being taken care of by a teacher, he is placed in a team with two other aspiring ninjas, Sasuke And Sakura as much to say that there is tension in the air is charged. It is after having passed the test of their teacher, Kakashi , he begins to fulfill the missions given to them. Protection and personality escort, rescue or attack, it is as and when naruto and his team will begin to bond and really get along.


It was then that the big brother of Sasuke , Itachi , comes to meet naruto to seize the demon foxes which is in him, which passes by his death. Sasuke barely time to help naruto that Itachi retreats. They learn that Itachi joined a mercenary organization call Akatsuki , recognizable by their black jacket adorned with white and red clouds. Knowing that they are now in danger, and learning that Akatsuki tries to get his hands on the tailed demons like the one he has inside him, Naruto now promises to do everything to stop them, and prevent their plan of mass destruction from succeeding.

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