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Miho Nishizumi

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As it's her first day at school Oarai , Nishizumi Miho nearly missing her alarm clock, she hurriedly got ready to put on her new uniform and walk joyfully towards her new establishment. Once she arrives and she is very happy, she realizes that for the new girl, joining a group of friends is not going to be an easy task, then comes the lunch break, miho a little lost in her thoughts is pulled out of her dreams by a small voice coming from behind her, while turning miho realizes that two young girls, one with wavy light brown hair and one with long, straight black hair, have spoken to him.


all happy miho made acquaintance with them and this invited fact lunched in their company. It is after having shared conversations about everything and nothing around a good meal that once back in class, a trio of young girls come to class to "advise" a miho to choose as an extra-curricular activity the " Panzerfahren " or the art of the tank, a discipline reserved for young girls and ensuring their prestige as a friend and full of good grades. These three young girls are in fact the Bureau D es Elèves and within the establishment of Oarai their decisions are as important as those of the director and the teachers. miho after understanding this, suddenly feels pressure and disappointment invade it can a can.

Gifff Miho

During the rest of the day miho is thoughtful and unable to concentrate on the heart

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her teacher thinking that she is sick sends her rested to the infirmary and without having to think about it her two new classmate Saori and Hana also asks them to go pretending to be male too.

Saori Miho and Hana

Once in the infirmary, miho explains to them the why and how, his family is very linked to the Panzerfarhen and if she came to this specific school it was precisely because she wanted to avoid doing it because she did not have any club of this type within the extra-curricular activities offered. Understanding that miho had very bad memories by passing it with discipline, Saori and Hana does not insist and decides to support her in her decision.

Saori, Miho and Hana

Scarcely have they had time to enjoy their discussion when the end of class rings, and suddenly we can hear a message from the BDE on the loudspeakers summoning all the students to meet in the gymnasium. come all the students, the BDE, begins to explain the reasons for this impromptu gathering, which seems to be their way of operating, this year, high school Oarai will be offered among its extracurricular activity clubs the Panzerfahren following the request of the Minister to meter forward this discipline for young girls in the schools of the country, the school of Oarai would be no exception and that people registering for it would see considerable advantages, an offer not failing to fall into the ears of a good number of students who are determined to register.


After this brief presentation Saori and Hana are convinced and absolutely want to register. Miho being caught off guard this lets her train in their hailing enthusiasm but once the evening comes, at her house in front of her registration sheet at the club, miho decides to join another club. The next day she apologizes flatly in front of her friends who decide to change their choice of club too to go to the one Miho chose, explaining to her that they preferred to stay together rather than separated. This choice really affects Miho but it is then that their lunch break has barely had time to finish that Miho is summoned by the BDE to their room.


Displaying her out-of-school club choice sheet under her nose, the president wants to know why she did not follow her prerogative and is registered in a club other than that of Panzerfarhen . Receiving questions from all over, miho can't justify this and Saori and Hana come to his defense but the BDE is determined to have miho in this club, given that she is the only one to have experience in it and comes from a prestigious family to become a master in this art.


Seeing that the situation is escalating between her friends and the BDE miho decides to accept to join the club, finally the president succeeded in having him. All the girls who signed up for the club Panzerfarhen are in front of a large hangar outside to discuss and finally the BDE decides to open the doors. They open on old rusty tanks whose tracks need to be put back in place. The students are amazed but among the complaints, miho advances to one of them, examines it and realizes that it only needs a little elbow grease to be refurbished, and in returning asserts with confidence tell everyone that the tanks are usable and that they will be able to operate them.


After that, as the ultimate surprise, we discover that the whole school, the whole city itself, is actually on a boat in the shape of an aircraft carrier of colossal proportions, and it is on these gigantic boats that the schools practice the art of Panzerfarhen of which miho is the latest recruit to date with Saori and Hana .

Girls und Panzer

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