Megumi Crimson

Megumi Crimson

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In the Konosuba manga, the main character, Kazuma is helped by the goddess Aqua and this shock duo is very quickly joined by the magician Megumi Crimson . Who is she exactly? Another crazy addition added to the shock duo or a real expert magician, or even just a kid who has fun doing stuff? We will try to shed light on this character in color.


Megumi is from the Crimson clan, a clan of powerful fighters, although a little disturbing (being of course of a very high level the danger does not scare them like for example the idea of ​​​​making numerous invasion attempts of their territory by demons a tourist attraction), is Megumi the same? Yes indeed but not necessarily on the same subject.

Megumi , even for the Crimson clan, is perceived as strange, that is to say. She comes from a poor family and lives with her mother, her father and her little sister (all colorful and a little disturbing like their clan).

Megumi family

If all the members of the clan have a strong point for the fight, that of Megumi is destructive to her but drains her so much energy that it eats all her energy and makes her immobile and completely unable to do anything after the fight. used, which makes her easy prey, especially if she misses.

megumin hs

Megumi masters the magic of "explosions" and puts her heart into it. When she meets Kazuma and Aqua , it is with pride that she will demonstrate her explosions to them, but...don't. will not completely convince

megumi hs gif

Megumi integrates easily into the group (even too much) from the start, her and Kazuma 's friendship which turns into a love-hate rivalry, which gives rise to a lot of nice situations.

megumi and kazuma in bed

Megumi is a bit of a kid too, which makes her very easily fooled by Kazuma 's scams and makes her Aqua and Darkness get along very well, much to Kazuma 's dismay (often) but to our delight

kazuma kotatsu

Megumi the magician of explosions is also apparently affected by a chuunibyo (Japanese word designating people who think they have powers, like a poliste a little too invested in their role, this often happens in adolescence, do not hesitate to go and discover the books or the animated series chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai ) and can't help believing it all the time, like for example the explanation of his eye patch, why?

"because it's cool" ( Megumi )

mgumi crimson

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