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Horseshoe crab Tempest

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When he was human, Rimuru was a basic employee, in his forties, a small rise within his company and a little free time to play video games. It was on an ordinary day that he had to meet a friend who had a new girlfriend, to go eat grilled meats that a passer-by armed with a knife stumbles out of nowhere and kills him while fleeing. His friends not knowing what to do and panicked he felt himself leaving for the last moment this promise that in his next life he would be more aggressive, more daring and more courageous. It is on his last thought that he leaves the earth to hear a voice answering him that all his characteristics had been accepted and updated in his new body. Not understanding where it came from or what she was talking about, he regained consciousness in a cave to find that he was now a slime .


Surprised, he first tried to find an exit but came across a dragon explaining to him that he was going to die if he did nothing, it was then that he suddenly decided to help each other and to mark the Suddenly the dragon gave him the name of Rimuru Tempest , when he decided to call him Veldra Tempest.

subarashi veldra

To get out of this place that held Veldra prisoner, Rimuru literally absorbs Veldra and that's when an opening is made when a group of adventurers opens the cave to find out if Veldra is still inside, neither one nor two , Limulus takes the opportunity to do this wrong and has him freedom!


In the meantime, he has had time to discover his new abilities such as absorbing his enemies and using their abilities, as well as storing everything he wishes in him, such as rocks, precious stones, metal from the drink... Without s Realizing this, Limulus has become an overpowered being and the aura that he gives off is like that of a monster. The story of Horseshoe Tempest in and his rise to the rank of Demon King !

Horseshoe crab Tempest

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