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Konosuba Aqua

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Konosuba , a slightly crazy isekai, introduces us to Kazuma , a young ikkikomori who dies suddenly of a heart attack after believing that someone was going to be thrown out and trying to help him. It is following this tragic event that Kazuma awakening in a world in which he is told that he died by a young girl who at first glance seems to be an all-powerful and wise goddess but who very quickly reveals herself to be a real kid who cannot help but giggle to laugh while explaining the conditions of his death and the state in which he was found (he is literally done on it).

After being humiliated by this goddess who tells him his name is aqua, Kazuma gets revenge. Aqua explains to him that he will be reincarnated in another world and offers him something extraordinary like having a power for example and will then have to in this new world defeat the king of the demons who is causing trouble. This is where Kazuma tells him point blank "I choose you", not understanding what he means Kazuma explains to Aqua that he chosen to come to this world and defeat the demon king.


Soon after making his decision, out of nowhere, another goddess comes and begins to transfer him to this new world of our comic duo in charge of eradicating evil there, which does not delight Aqua at all.

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Kazuma choosing Aqua is a bit desperate besides that neither she nor Kazuma have any idea where to start.

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This is when their new life begins during which both will begin to understand each other and really appreciate each other. As they progress and as the adventures they will live (and the comrades they bond with) Kazuma will understand that Aqua is a true goddess and is capable of incredible feats, even if she herself doesn't realize it all the time. She even has a very powerful cult dedicated to her and in a town where many people go for these healing baths, Aqua being a water goddess. Her only problem being that no one within the cult crosses over to being their goddess and ends up kicking them out.

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In the end who is really Aqua? We could say that she is an extremely childish goddess with lots of flaws (like the fact that she drinks too much) but who also has a good side, she always helps Kazuma with a good heart and is along their story. a real moral support for him, she really seems to understand men, which is of great service to him and more than a few crazy people, between these two, in the end, this binds a real bond of "big sister, little brother" and makes them a very good duo to discover.

Kazuma and Aqua

Finally following Konosuba is not really knowing who the villain is and how will he be defeated but rather that she is the new idiocy that Aqua will find or that Kazuma will have to face alongside his divine binomial and his comrades just as crazy as them

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