kaguya sama love is war film

kaguya sama love is war movie

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In May 2015, the Japanese public discovered the manga Kaguya Sama: Love is War . to have another type of adaptation, very well known in Japan but less so in the West, the "live-action" or "drama" adaptation, a practice which in Japan is done regularly with successful manga (we can think of adaptations for example Death note or GTO movies). So is this adaptation your the shot or is it just to play on pure and hard fan service?

At first glance what we can see is the almost absolute fidelity of the filmed adaptation when it comes to its basic subject. Miyuki , kaguya , Ishigami and even Chika are very well represented here.

kaguya sama actors

The only small detail may be in the corpulence of the actors who all seem to have gained a bit of weight compared to their character, but can we really compare a human cannon with that of an invented character?

yu ishigami

In terms of the story of the film, it relates season 1 of the animated series and changes a few passages, but to know which ones it's up to you to find them

gif kaguya

The outfits of the actors are also very faithful to the basic materials, only small error (which I don't really have one) is the detail of the gold ornament of the president of the BDE that Miyuki wears which in the film is a small cord.


By way of conclusion, if you liked the manga and like the animated series, you should probably enjoy this film which takes up the story without distorting it too much or, conversely, falls into the easy and becomes boring to follow. .

For a pure opinion it is then up to you to form your own opinion.

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