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Junji Ito Tomie

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The period lending itself well to it, it would be fashionable to approach a theme of horror, I named the horror manga, and what could be better than the story of Tomie , one of Junji 's most famous creations Ito , one of the best horror mangaka to throw in.


Tomie is at first sight a beautiful young girl with a mole just below her left eye as a distinctive sign. Her appearance is normal but she is in reality an immortal demon who enjoys the death of her victims and takes a malicious pleasure in tormenting them.

tomié this mocks the victims

Even if from time to time certain victims end up killing her, Tomie regenerates in a new body from the remains of the old one, a simple piece of skin, a hair or a molecule is enough for her to rebuild a body.

Tomie revives

Besides, there is not just one Tomie but hundreds , perhaps more. Tomie were born, which means that the number of Tomies is officially incalculable. And as soon as they meet, one seeks to kill the other, using its victims to do this, which can literally start wars.

Tomie many uses gif

All the existing Tomies do not all have the same visual aspect (the way of dressing, the haircut...) but all are very beautiful young women with a mole below their left eye.

Tomie eye

Even if it is not clearly defined, we understand that Tomie is a demon who feeds on attention, and almost only attacks men. She will pretend to be in love, to rescue, to blackmail or even set up a cult to her glory to get attention, for her everything is good to get there.

Tomie sect

But often Tomie wanting everyone's attention ends up creating quarrels, which amuses him enormously, but ends up being the victim in the end and it's often at the end of these short stories that Tomie found cut into pieces, burned torn to pieces...

Tomie death gore

What marked in the history of Tomie (or should we say "of" Tomie ) it is the gore of the scenes showing the deaths of Tomie in the various stories by the protagonists, and the quality of these last.

Indeed we immediately notice how the author, Junji Ito is neat in his drawings, and shows meticulous work when it comes to drawing the details of the cut or flayed body and many others. again, this precision present in all his plates is remarkable and it should be noted that before being mangaka Junji Ito was a dentist, like what even original career changes can do.

Tomie (like other Junji offers) has even been adapted into a film as this story has been so successful.

Tomie death gore

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