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She is still only an egg when Naofumi buys her from the slave trader (randomly among other eggs.

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Filo is a filocterus, a kind of large powerful bird capable of pulling carts and resembling in shape an ostrich. But Filo is not like her congeners. She is a queen filoctere, that is to say that she is much larger and much more powerful.

filocterous queen

She very quickly passes from the stage of a chick to that of a gigantic filoctere, and ends up acquiring the ability to metamorphose into a human. When human, Filo has the appearance of a very gluttonous little blonde girl with blue eyes.

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She also feels an attraction for Naofumi , which rebuffs Raphtalia a little , but in the end both end up getting along really well. All three form a trio that during their adventures will thwart and repair many mistakes, giving them a reputation that will only grow over time.

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