Elfen Lied Klimt

Elfen Lied Klimt

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The animated series Elfen Lied is and was a real success that today has earned its title "classic animation", made by the Arms studio, which unfortunately closed, it tells us the story of the diclonius, new compensated for the evolution of humanity and this serving as a vector, a kind of invisible arm, for this fight. Among them we meet the young rebuilt kaede Lucy who is their queen and who meets the young Kouta , event who will mark in red ink their destiny for both of them.

Kouta and Kaede

If the anime is immediately marked out it is not time thanks to its original story, its characters or its theme that the opening credits, or opening of it marking and recognizable at first glance . Indeed for the opening, we have the right to a superb song "Lilium" illustrated with a cover of the no less famous painter Gustave Klimt .

To illustrate and say as much as possible about the characters in the story of Elfen Lied as well as their relationships, the animators had the good idea to use some of his most famous paintings such as ""

The kiss

What is also fun to discover is the story that is represented there behind each of his canvases and that the animators have taken up and adapted with the main characters, which make us understand certain aspects of the characters' personality which are not necessarily obvious on first viewing.

Elfen Song

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