Que sont les Diclonius dans Elfen lied ?

What are the Diclonius in Elfen lied?

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What are Diclonius?

The animated series Elfen Lied as well as the manga from which it is taken deals in the background with the subject of the evolution of Man and to do this its creator and designer , the mangaka Lynn Okamoto has created this new race that he called " the Diclonius ".

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Lucy and Nana

So what are Diclonius and how to recognize them? Very simple, if your daughter is born with two horns in the shape of a bony Kawaii ear on her temples, her hair is pink and later she starts to be able to move objects without having to touch them thanks to her invisible vectors then you can be sure that your child is a Diclonius .

Elfen Song

There are also Diclonius men but they don't have vectors like Diclonius women, they only have horns


Lynn Okamoto explains that when he created the Diclonius he thought of giving them a name that sounded a bit Latin to do as for the dinausores ( Diplodocus , tyranausorus-rex ). By this approach Lynn Okamoto wanted to approach the new race of Diclonius not as a supernatural phenomenon but as a new evolution of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens that we are, which gives an impression of realism, after for the subject of Vectors it's another story.

child diclonius

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