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In Konosuba , Kazuma , a reclusive young man, arrives after dying in a new world alongside the goddess Aqua, and has the mission of defeating the king of the demons. To do this, he sets up a group composed of himself, Aqua , Megum i and very quickly he is joined by Darkness , crusader knight devoting his life to combat... at first glance, but who is this young girl who comes to meet Kazuma and who seems too upright for such a "special" group? ?


Darkness is a young girl of 18, blonde, 1m70 and if she may seem normal, some of her sides can swear with the impression that we could do with her.

reddened darkness

Indeed Darkness is a courageous but not very gifted crusader and seems to experience great pleasure in humiliation and pain.

darkness loves pain

So much so that she ends up allying the useful to the pleasant by using her body as a shield and thus protecting her companions, which seems to give her great joy.

latina vs robot

By dint of hurting Darkness has become very resilient and is almost indestructible, almost? yes because you just have to know her real name to have her as Kazuma does at the beginning unwittingly by calling her Lalatina .

darkness and kazuma gif

Darkness is in fact a girl of very high lineage having chosen to live as a knight rather than staying in her castle and it is during her meeting with her family that Kazuma learns that her real name is Lalatina .

Lalatina family

Over time, Kazuma , Aqua , Megumi and Darkness have become a group of adventurers and we can only wait impatiently for the rest of their story.

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