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Chika Fujiwara

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Chika Fujiwara is a young girl who, although (very) well supplied, is nonetheless very childish in her way of being. For her, everything can be a game. She is the daughter of a family of three children (all are daughters and she has a big sister and a little sister). Her parents are political personalities and has therefore since her early childhood been brought up with a strict upbringing. She is a piano prodigy and has absolute pitch and is in addition perfectly at ease in foreign languages ​​such as French or English.


Chika quickly wanted this closer e Kaguya (which she admired without really knowing how to approach it) and became secretary of the student council while being registered in a board game creation club, which she loves.

chika and kaguya

Chika is a young girl who, although very young, is extremely mature and talented and even if she displays childish behavior in public, in private or with her relatives, she is much more serious and always ready to help.

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