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For many we discovered Angel Beats! thanks to the animated series created with the collaboration of Jun Maeda and PA Works studios in 2010. This animated series has also had as much success as a video game ( visual novel ) directed by Jun Maeda in 2013 .

Angel Beats! visual novel

But what is the story of Angel Beats! you will ask for those who do not know (yet)?

The story of Angel Beats! tells us the story of Otonashi Yuzuru who wakes up in the middle of a schoolyard at night without knowing what he is doing there or how he got there, and can't remember who he is. East.

Angel Beats! Otonashi ep 1

A young girl found near him, Yuri , explains to him that he is dead and asks him if he wants to join his group to beat him, because once here if they don't do anything, people get erased, according to his say. Suspicious, Otonashi wants to know more and this realizes that Yuri has a sniper rifle aimed at another young girl with white hair standing a little further in the courtyard.

Angel Beats! the angel

When Otonashi asks why she is aiming at her, she explains to him that she is the angel, and that she is therefore an enemy to be fought. At the same time, another young man with blue hair and also armed with a gun joins them there. where they were hiding and asks Yuri if she managed to recruit the new one then realizes that he was standing right next to it. After that Otonashi who has regained his senses decides to go see the young girl with white hair against the bottom of the courtyard and asks her what is happening and who she is after the warning that she was targeted by a sniper further. It is in a very calm tone that the young girl tells her to be the president of the students. Following this, Otonashi decides to go to the hospital but the young girl stops him explaining that where they are there is no need for a hospital being given that they are already dead. Without believing a word, Otonashi asks her for proof and suddenly, she brings a blade to her right wrist and stabs him.

Angel Beats! visual novel Otonashi stab

Some time later, Otonashi wakes up in an infirmary bed and realizes that he has nothing left. A young man armed with a halberd bursts in threatening to kill him, still not believing him, Otonashi congratulates him and his friends for the trick but following these words the young man uses his halberd to kill him again and leaves him dead on the ground threatening him again not to disrespect Yuri .

Angel Beats! Otonashi death

After being resurrected again, Otonashi starts asking questions and trying to find responsible adults to talk to and decides to go to the principal's office but falls into a trap and dies again.

This time Otonashi wakes up in the middle of a room surrounded by people and recognizes between them the young girl with the sniper, Yuri who introduces him to his group of fighters from the Beyond and asks him to join them and ends up accept without being convinced. During a discussion that they both have on the roof, Yuri explains to him that where they are, no one dies but they can be erased if they behave like model students and the angel, the young girl with white hair is there to punish bad students and does not know if she is like other people in this mode, NPCs or if she is like them, who arrived here after their deaths.

Angel Beats! Yuri

Otonashi following these explanations is finally between two waters and decides that from now on he should save time. At the beginning of the evening Yuri gives him a pistol and explains that their group is going to make an operation in the refectory and that he will have to distract the angel. Otonashi wondering once again what they are going to do there and imagines a plan worthy of an epic battle but understands that it is actually a question of stealing meal tickets from the npc student and that he will have to block the angel with another member of the group. Once there, four members of the group perform a concert at the end of the dining hall to gather the npc students in one place and drown out the noise, then others open the windows and activate giant fans to blow away the tickets of the npc students. For their part, the members in charge of distracting the angel are in the middle of a fight against her, who has arrived from the side where Otonashi had custody, and reveals new combat skills outside his " sonic hand ". Once the operation is finished the members flee taking with them meal tickets falling around them like snow after being blown outside the dining hall and Otonashi in get one, a beef udon .

Angel Beats! beef udon ticket

In the refectory Otonashi ended up accepting his new life and questioning their actions and the mysteries surrounding the angel. One thing is certain, now a good number of novelties will find themselves on his way and he is not at the end of these surprises.

Angel Beats!

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